Our Work

We work with CSO leaders, activists and frontrunners from other sectors to build and develop a thriving civil society sector that improves people’s lives worldwide


We coordinate and support multi-stakeholder projects for greater impact.

Global Peers

Global CEOs from civil society strengthen partnerships, discuss trends, and meet leaders from other sectors.

Global Perspectives

Leaders and innovators from ICSOs, politics and business gather annually to explore civil society trends and challenges.

Global Heads of Division

Policy, programme and operations directors discuss best practices and opportunities for joint action.

Vision Works

Global CEOs and Chairs of the world’s foremost ICSOs define their goals.

Managing Disruption

4 - 5 December, Berlin, Germany

Changemakers figure out how to drive the transformation of civil society in an innovative lab format.

Innovators Forum

Civil society representatives pool ideas with other sectors to revolutionise ways of working.

Future Trends

Scanning the horizon for developments and changes which could determine the future relevance of ICSOs and the important work that they do.

Power Shift and Governance Reform

Civil society organisations work towards greater global representation.

Scanning the Horizon

Civil society analysts exchange strategies on this platform to detect and confront disruption.

Global Alliances

Centre coordinated projects with multiple stakeholders that cover accountability issues, achieving the sustainable development goals and protective civic rights and civic space.

Leave No One Behind

Twelve leading ICSOs collaborate in line with the Sustainable Development Goals to amplify marginalised voices worldwide.

Civic Charter

People worldwide defend civic rights together.

International Civic Forum

22-24 October

Civil society builds joint global initiatives with governmental, business, media and philanthropic sectors to defend civic rights.

Global Standard for CSO Accountability

Nine global initiatives in this multi-year project are developing and implementing a new framework for civil society accountability.

Accountable Now

A global platform that supports civil society organisations (CSOs) to be transparent, responsive to stakeholders and focused on delivering impact.