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Digital Debates is our monthly series of online debates, which explore civil society perspectives on the emerging digital world every first Thursday of the month from 16:00 CEST.

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Digital Debate 2: Is Africa ‘falling prey’ to Data Colonialism?

15th March 2021

The extraction of personal data is highly controversial. However, the discussion tends to centre on the OECD countries where the leading tech companies are situated, which pursue business models based on data extraction (GAFAM). In the OECD countries, civil society organisations are at the forefront to denounce and hedge such business practices, advocating for high data protection standards.

The situation in Africa merits equal attention.


Debate 1: The Digital Gender Gap

4th February 2021

In all countries, CSOs are committed to the idea and principles of social and gender justice. Every person should have equal opportunities and the freedom to lead the life they want, regardless of their biological gender and social background.

We know from history that even in an analogue world reality doesn’t match these aspirations.

Three eminent speakers discussed the digital gender gap from three different perspectives: Women in tech and CSOs,