The International Civil Society Centre helps the world’s leading international civil society organisations maximise their impact for a sustainable and more equitable world.

The International Civil Society Centre works with international civil society organisations (ICSOs) to develop strategies for successfully navigating change. We scan the horizon for exciting opportunities; enable learning and cooperation among ICSOs and their stakeholders; support ICSOs with developing effective leadership and promote robust accountability to strengthen ICSOs’ legitimacy.

We do this because we believe that ICSOs play a crucial role in the fight for a sustainable and more equitable world. As globalisation progresses, challenges and opportunities increasingly demand a response at the global level. ICSOs are in a key strategic position to contribute and they carry a special responsibility to deliver.

The Centre is a not-for-profit organisation fully owned by the organisations it serves. We strive to set high standards in management, governance and strategy for ICSOs and the wider sector. To learn more click here.

Global Perspectives 2016 took place in Berlin (Germany) 26 – 28 October.

For all those engaged with defending, protecting, and expanding civic space, who attended this year's Global Perspectives conference - thank you!

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What our Partners say about us

The International Civil Society Centre is a unique place – gathering the forces of global civil society organisations. Each has an impact of its own, but together they are much more than the sum of their parts. Together you are a formidable voice that cannot be ignored by policymakers all around the world.

Angel Gurria, Secretary General, OECD