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Established as the Berlin Civil Society Centre in 2007, co-founded and owned by Peter Eigen and Burkhard Gnärig, the International Civil Society Centre transferred ownership to the ICSOs it was formed to serve. Today, the Centre is a not-for-profit limited liability company, owned by 15 ICSOs who each hold equal shares of the Centre.

All shareholders meet at least once a year to elect members to the Centre’s Board of Trustees, hear reports on the Centre’s work and finances. They constitute the Centre’s highest decision making body.

The role of the Centre’s Board of Trustees is to monitor the management of the organization and has 12 seats, held on a rotational basis. At present, the Board consists of the CEOs of eleven of the Centre’s shareholding organisations. The Executive Director of the Centre holds an ex officio seat on the Board.

Our owners, year of joining and representative on the Centre’s Board of Trustees (if applicable):

Organisation Owner Since Board of Trustees Representative
ADRA International 2016 Jonathan Duffy
Amnesty International 2009
CARE International 2015
CBM International 2009 Rainer Brockhaus
ChildFund Alliance 2011 Meg Gardinier
HelpAge International 2015  Justin Derbyshire
Islamic Relief Worldwide 2013 Naser Haghamed
Oxfam International 2009 Winnie Byanyima
Plan International 2010 Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen
Sightsavers International 2013 Caroline Harper
SOS Children’s Villages International 2012 Norbert Meder
Transparency International 2009 Patricia Moreira
VSO International 2014
World Vision International 2009 Kevin Jenkins
WWF International 2012

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