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Leaders and innovators from ICSOs, politics and business gather annually to explore civil society trends and challenges.

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Civil society builds joint global initiatives with governmental, business, media and philanthropic sectors to defend civic rights and move pledges into concrete actions to defend democratic governance. The 2018 International Civic Forum will take place within the 18th International Anti-Corruption Conference, hosted by the Government of Denmark and organised by Transparency International.

Every year leaders of national and international civil society organisations (CSOs) gather over three days with people whose passion are causes for social good, to exchange ideas and experiences, make connections, and address the world’s most pressing challenges. In a unique, interactive format, up to 150 participants propose topics and workshops, devising common strategies to deal with the major trends, challenges and opportunities of civil society today.

Join this dynamic and highly interactive knowledge bazaar. Exchange and learn, inspire and be inspired, on how civil society organisations (CSOs) can manage disruption and fast-paced change.