About Us


Our income comes from four sources. The sources are:

  • Our Owners, Core Supporters and Partners.
  • Grants and Donations.
  • Participation Fees for our workshops and events.
  • Other income.

You can download our financial statement via the button below, see a graphical summary that presents a breakdown of our 2020 income and expenditure below, and find a full table of figures at the bottom of the page.

Download 2020 Financial Statement

We are extremely grateful for the income received from Core Supporters, Donors and the Partners for Excellence, which allow us to improve our activities while covering our essential overhead and personnel costs.

Who gives grants and donations?

We are extremely grateful for the project support received from grants and donations. Without them, the Centre and its owners would not be able to work on important issues that no single actor can solve alone.

Grants and donations support our work on issues such as SDG implementation, open and vital societies or accountability frameworks for the sector.

To learn more about the value to support the Centre, read our blog on the Centre’s story and why it’s worth supporting us.

For more information on how to support our work, please contact Kathrin Kirste.

Who are our Owners and who gives Core Support?

The Centre is a not-for-profit limited liability company, owned by 15 international civil society organisations who each hold equal shares of the Centre.

Core Support is annual financial support that the Centre receives from its owners and five other* ICSOs. The level of financial support depends on the global annual income of the Core Supporter.

The Centre uses this financial support to maintain its secretariat which provides professional support to the civil society sector. Furthermore, it allows for strategic financial and programmatic decision-making, e.g. to start key projects while fundraising is still underway. Thanks to Core Support, the Centre has continuously developed its activities and the secretariat.

*In addition to the 15 owners, CBM Global, Terre des Hommes International Federation, WaterAid International, World YMCA, and Wikimedia are Core Supporters of the Centre.

For more information on how to become a Core Supporter, please contact Kathrin Kirste.

What is a Partnership for Excellence?

Partners of Excellence are businesses that help the Centre achieve greater impact for the people we serve. They share their core expertise by: providing key speakers for the Centre’s events, engaging in joint programmes or seconding experts to our projects.

In return, Partners of Excellence benefit from:

  • Establishing a high-level network of ICSOs leaders.
  • Gaining first-hand insights into trends, opportunities and challenges for the civil society sector at the Centre’s events.
  • Seeing how your business can contribute to social change.

Partners of Excellence add value to the work of ICSOs, they allow the Centre to be agile and provide effective collaboration in the civil society sector. Ultimately, they support us in improving the livelihoods of the people we serve.

What are Participation Fees?

Participation Fees are income we receive from the various events we hold throughout the year.

What is Other Income?

Other income is the money we receive on an irregular basis. Examples of this are oneoff donations or book sales.

Profit & Loss Statement

from 01.01.2020 to 31.12.2020
all amounts in Euro

2019 2020
1. Revenues 420,322.28 131,883,55
2. Grants and Donations 1,543,623.21 1,082,846.17
3. Other Operating Income 13,913.13 20,859.63
4. Cost of Goods & Services -574,189.16 -209,105.95
5. Personnel Costs -1,018,257.40 -736,603.03
6. Depreciation -17,497.01 -16,895.26
7. Other Operating Expenses -422,284.25 -208,707.66
8. Interest Income 52.10 0.80
9. Interest Expenditure 0.00 -105.22
10. Income on Ordinary Activities 0.00 0.00
11. Taxes on income -0.20 -0.20
12. Surplus/Deficit -54,317.30 64,172.83
13. Withdrawal from Reserves 54,317.30 0.00
14. Allocation to Reserves 0.00 -64,172.83
15. Annual Results 0.00 0.00

Equity & Liability

  2019 2020
A. Equity
I. Shareholders’ Equity 37,500.00 37,500.00
Unclaimed Capital -18,750.00 -18,750.00
Called-Up Capital
II. Retained Earnings 53,330.65 117,503.48
1. Free Reserves 34,580.65 98,753.48
B. Provisions 61,772.08 69,429.85
C. Liabilities
1.Accounts Payable
(Financial Institutions)
8,252.17 2,641.37
2. Trade liabilities 5,820.35 26,069.68
3. Liabilities to shareholders 0.00 1,140.98
3. Other liabilities
(Taxes and Social Security)
19,043.04 16,104.35
D. Deferred Income 298,655.88 162,767.86
395,657.57 446,874.17