An Unequal Pandemic: Collaborative report on marginalised groups amidst the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has built upon structural inequalities of our societies and eroded hard-won progress against poverty.

Communities and civil society organisations (CSOs) have been at the heart of local COVID-19...

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An Unequal Pandemic

Collaborative report on marginalised groups amidst the pandemic

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Joint learning report: “Inclusive SDG Data Partnerships”

This learning report gathers knowledge and recommendations from the Inclusive SDG Data Partnerships initiative.

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Solidarity Playbook - Key findings

Discover emerging lessons on resilience and solidarity mechanisms to civic space restrictions, key challenges and recommendations from the Solidarity Playbook

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Negotiating solidarity

Listen to Deborah Doane, Sarah Pugh and Eva Gondorová discuss the Solidarity Playbook case studies' key takeaways, understand the correlation between building resilience and acting in solidarity with others, and discover why solidarity needs to be negotiated

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Urban Refugees | Empowering refugee-led organisations

Urban Refugees enables the development of self-sustaining refugee-led organisations that actively support their communities

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Global Perspectives Experience 2020 | A Passion For Inclusion!

Our first online Global Perspectives Experience provided an inspiring setting and an open platform to discuss critical topics such as systemic discrimination and racism.

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