Power Shift and Governance Reform

In light of long-standing frustrations by international civil society organisation’s (ICSO) executives and board members with their current governance structures (e.g., cumbersome decision-making, under-representation of key constituencies and uneven strategy execution), the International Civil Society Centre sponsored a lab in September 2018 to explore the root causes of these challenges with leaders from eight ICSOs. Analysing the intersection of their power dynamics, organisational intent and governance models, each of these leaders identified changes their organisations should (or must) implement in order to function more effectively and delivered on their promised impacts.

This year, in co-operation with Conner Advisory, the Centre organised a follow-on lab (Power Shift Lab 2.0) attended by CEOs, Heads of Governance, Board Chairs and Board Members from 7 organisations. The virtual Lab focused on how to successfully execute the most urgent power shifts and governance reforms that an organisation’s intent requires.

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