Solidarity Action Network (SANE)

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The Solidarity Action Network (SANE) aims to strengthen resilience of and solidarity among civil society actors when faced with civic space restrictions or changing operating conditions. It connects international and national civil society organisations – (I)CSOs – across all sub-sectors and brings them into discussions on civic space challenges and opportunities.

Within the network, we share experience, lessons learned and best practices, explore different forms of solidarity (especially beyond public advocacy), and encourage joint actions. A Working Group – consisting of (I)CSO representatives – provides strategic guidance to set SANE priorities and develop activities close to needs of civil society actors.

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SANE key activities:

  • Anticipating futures for civil society operating space: A three-year initiative (2022 – 2025) to strengthen anticipatory capacities and future readiness of civil society professionals who are working to defend civic and civil society operating space. The initiative aims to increase awareness and readiness of (I)CSOs to address future challenges at the intersection of civic space and crises, offer a collaborative space to develop future scenarios, and translate them into concrete organisational strategies.

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  • Sharing resilience and solidarity mechanisms: We collect case studies and best practices in the so-called Solidarity Playbook to help (I)CSOs respond to undue scrutiny and challenges, and to enable learning on how to act in solidarity with civil society actors, particularly local partners.

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  • Strengthening cybersecurity: In partnership with the CyberPeace Institute, we captured case studies on cybersecurity to share examples of how (I)CSOs dealt with actual cyberattacks and provide insights into how organisations can prevent and mitigate similar incidents. An accompanying cybersecurity guidance explores action steps to better protect organisations online.

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  • Resource hub: A collection of resources on selected civic space topics (e.g., tackling mis- and disinformation, building narratives or addressing anti-rights groups).

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SANE is supported by the Swedish Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and the Ford Foundation. The Open Society Foundations, Deutsche Postcode Lotterie and Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung support the current phase of the “Anticipating futures” initiative.

If you want more information on this project or are interested in getting involved, please contact Senior Project Manager, Eva Gondor.