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COVID-19, European Cities and Climate Action – How Participation Makes Our Cities Clean and Healthy

17th June 2020 by Nadja Nickel and Aleksandar Brezar

Following on from their recent guest blog on populism and civic engagement, linking to the themes of our 2019 Innovation Report, the Democratic Society shares their experiences of another exciting project looking at climate action in European cities, as we look ahead to our upcoming 2020 version of the Innovation Report looking at urban inclusion.

By inviting and empowering residents to take informed decisions,

The Anxiety of the Twenty Twenties: The Quest For Relevance of Civil Society Organisations in a Digital World

29th May 2020 by Karl Steinacker

The roaring 20s are long gone. A century exactly. Todays’ Twenty Twenties add to the already existing anxieties of financial meltdowns, downward social mobility, random violence, unwelcome migration, and global warming that of fear of a virus stricken planet. But this fearful narrative knows a silver lining too: Digitalization. In the absence of a medical cure or preventive immunization, digitalization is regarded as the second best option: telework and video conferencing,

Populism and Civic Engagement: Engaging citizens to strengthen Europe’s democratic foundations

14th May 2020 by Bernardo Jurema

Ahead of an upcoming update to our 2019 report on ‘Civil Society Innovation and Populism in a Digital Era’, the Centre has invited guest blogs from new contributors we have heard from about their interesting initiatives to respond to the challenges posed by populism. Since last year, The Democratic Society has been involved in the ‘Populism and Civic Engagement (PaCE)’ project running citizen ‘democracy labs’ across Europe.

Understanding megatrends’ impact on civil society’s work – Oxfam GB

30th April 2020 by Thomas Howie

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Civil Society Futures and Innovation Podcast · Understanding megatrends’ impact on civil society’s work – Oxfam GB


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Mini Series: Exploring the Interconnectedness of Global Trends Mini-series – Episode 2

Irene Guijt and Filippo Artuso,