International Civic Forum

The International Civic Forum is the platform where civic rights defenders from civil society, media, business, philanthropy and government join forces to co-create enabling environments for peoples’ participation.

The third International Civic Forum  took place within the International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) 22-24 October 2018 and was co-hosted by Transparency International, Charities Aid Foundation, CIVICUS, The B Team, and the Open Government Partnership. The Forum highlighted the importance of bringing together a diverse set of civil society activists and organisations on the topic of civic space. While they all may focus on different areas (such as anti-corruption, human rights, environmental issues, and LGBTI rights), the Forum gave participants a space to explore the connectedness of these issues.

The six Forum sessions explored

  • how the fight against corruption can result in a backlash against democratic principles and civil society and the importance of addressing this while not letting up in the anti-corruption struggle;
  • how environmental defenders and indigenous people who often uncover large-scale corruption scandals in the extractive industries sector are most affected by  the environmental consequences of that sector’s activities as well as at great risk to be targeted by business or (inofficial) state henchmen;
  • how corrupt state agents exploit the marginalisation of the LBGTI community and set up highly effective extortion mechanisms; and
  • how to take a business perspective in examining the connection between corruption and people’s participation, in order to make the business case for civic rights.