International Civic Forum

The International Civic Forum is the platform where civic rights defenders from civil society, media, business, philanthropy and government join forces to co-create enabling environments for peoples’ participation.

With the third International Civic Forum in 2018, the Centre, along with co-hosts Transparency International, Charities Aid Foundation, CIVICUS, The B Team, and the Open Government Partnership, aims to launch joint initiatives between people and organisations who defend democracy and civic rights. The Forum serves as the platform where leaders and experts from all sectors committed to protecting and advancing civic space can turn to for information, discussion, advice
and for finding partners for specific activities.

Next event and registration: International Civic Forum at the IACC, 22-24 October, Copenhagen, Denmark

Event focus: Building on the overall theme of moving pledges into concrete actions to defend democratic governance, the 2018 International Civic Forum will take place within the 18th International Anti- Corruption Conference, hosted by the Government of Denmark and organised by Transparency International. In order to engage a wide community of stakeholders, most sessions will be open to all participants of the IACC, while some sessions of the 2018 International Civic Forum will be specifically tailored to a committed community of civic rights defenders who want to move ideas from the workshops and plenary sessions into implementable action plans.

Themes:  This year’s meeting will focus on two topics: the effect of international anti-corruption policy on civil society space and making the ‘business case’ for private sector engagement on defending and expanding civic freedoms.