About Us

About Us


International Civil Society Centre – The global action platform for ICSOs

International civil society organisations (ICSOs) play a crucial role in the fight for a sustainable and more equitable world. With their programmes all over the world, ICSOs have a unique knowledge base, exceptional reach, and significant influence. As globalisation progresses, challenges and opportunities increasingly demand a response at the global level. ICSOs are in a key strategic position to contribute and they carry a special responsibility to deliver.

The International Civil Society Centre helps the world’s leading ICSOs maximise their impact for a sustainable and more equitable world.

The Centre:

  • Scans the horizon for fundamental and disruptive changes and exciting opportunities;
  • Supports CSOs and activists in securing civic space;
  • Develops strategies for ICSOs to successfully navigate change;
  • Enables learning and cooperation among ICSOs and their key stakeholders;
  • Supports ICSOs with developing effective and efficient global leadership, governance, and management;
  • Promotes robust accountability to strengthen ICSOs’ effectiveness and legitimacy.

The Centre was founded in 2007 by Peter Eigen and Burkhard Gnärig under the name of Berlin Civil Society Center.


Leadership Support

The Centre runs workshops and conferences for civil society practitioners. As a meeting point for civil society, the Centre disseminates information and essential know-how. We aim to support the leadership of ICSOs and provide a space for them to connect learn from each other and collaborate.


Future Trends

The Centre scans the horizon for developments which could determine the future relevance of ICSOs and the important work that they do. We identify opportunities and threats and develop guidance for ICSOs on how to navigate change.


Sector Services

The Centre offers coordination and support services for joint projects of ICSOs. We provide a bridge between ICSOs and other sectors, such as government agencies, multilateral organisations and the corporate sector. The Centre facilitates communication, supports cooperation and creates a basis for target-focused alliances.


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