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Global Perspectives 2018

Global Perspectives 2018 - Engaging a new generation
  • Global Perspectives 2018
    31st October 2018 - 2nd November 2018
    9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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The Global Perspectives Conference

Every year leaders of national and international civil society organisations (CSOs) gather over three days with people whose passion are causes for social good, to exchange ideas and experiences, make connections, and address the world’s most pressing challenges. In a unique, interactive format, up to 150 participants propose topics and workshops, devising common strategies to deal with the major trends, challenges and opportunities of civil society today.

Theme: Engaging a #NewGeneration

More than half the world’s population is under 30 – this is the largest youth generation of all time. These are people who have grown up in a digital, globalised world. They are using ever-changing ways to connect, get involved with and contribute to social causes.

Young people today are passionate about creating a better, more inclusive world. But in many parts of the world, there’s less reliance on traditional institutions like political parties and CSOs. The emphasis is on self-education, sharing your beliefs on social media and conscious consumerism.

Most of this new generation lives In the Global South, where the situation is different. In many regions, unemployment and social unrest have led to mass disenfranchisement. Yet there are new opportunities for CSOs to engage in young people’s struggle for more participation and for developing a better life.

Generation Now secretariat, currently supported by UNICEF, advises that fresh ways of connecting with young people are paramount to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The imperative is clear: to make an impact, achieve their missions and stay relevant, CSOs will have to adapt to a new generation.

Global Perspectives 2018 will:

  • Provide an understanding of how the new generation through different values and preferences pushes for change in the way CSOs work for a just and sustainable world.
  • Showcase innovative initiatives by and for young organisations as well as established CSOs aiming to explore new ways of unleashing the new generation’s potential.
  • Offer cross-sector networking by bringing together civil society leaders with other stakeholders to share ideas and develop initiatives.
  • Explore concrete steps so CSOs can adapt their organisations to better fit the new generation.

Considering your carbon footprint

The International Civil Society Centre strongly supports the work of Atmosfair, a non-profit organisation who seek to mitigate the impact of CO₂ emissions from long distance travel. Travelling to and from events by plane can leave a carbon footprint and we each have a responsibility to do what we can to mitigate that impact that this has on our environment.

Below is a table showing the ‘Climate Impact’ of some round-trips to Berlin from various destinations. For comparison, we have included a person’s annual emissions budget if we want to achieve the goal to limit the average rise in Earth’s temperature to 2°C above the pre-industrial level.

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Typical* Premium Economy Round tripClimate impactClimate compatible annual emissions budget for one personOffset cost
Addis-Ababa to Berlin3,267 kg CO₂2,300 kg CO₂€ 73
Buenos Aires to Berlin8,117 kg CO₂2,300 kg CO₂€ 188
Johannesburg to Berlin6,477 kg CO₂2,300 kg CO₂€ 154
New York to Berlin3,918 kg CO₂2,300 kg CO₂€ 92
New Delhi to Berlin4,740 kg CO₂2,300 kg CO₂€ 113
Sydney to Berlin11,468 kg CO₂2,300 kg CO₂€ 265

*Expected layovers, scheduled flights and best-fit aircraft have been included in these journey examples. Example: New Dehli – Frankfurt – Berlin. Actual prices may vary depending on your route, aircraft and ticket type

Details Price Qty
International CSOsshow details +€1,000.00 (EUR)  
National CSOs, Networks and platformsshow details +€500.00 (EUR)  
Governments, Multilaterals, Academiashow details +€500.00 (EUR)  
Donors, Foundationsshow details +€500.00 (EUR)  
Businessshow details +€2,500.00 (EUR)