The International Civil Society Centre helps international civil society organisations improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their work.

During recent decades, the importance of international civil society organisations (ICSOs) has grown tremendously across the globe. However, ICSOs can achieve even more. By setting clearer objectives, measuring results, developing more efficient structures and being more transparent in reporting, ICSOs could become more effective in their work for a better world.

It is crucial that ICSOs systematically learn from each other and from other sectors and that they have access to high quality professional advice.

Until recently, ICSOs have lacked a platform for joint learning, for receiving and giving advice and for collective action. The aim of the International Civil Society Centre is to fill this gap.

What our Partners say about us

The International Civil Society Centre is a unique place – gathering the forces of global civil society organisations. Each has an impact of its own, but together they are much more than the sum of their parts. Together you are a formidable voice that cannot be ignored by policymakers all around the world.

Angel Gurria, Secretary General, OECD