Solidarity Action Network (SANE) – Solidarity Playbook

Solidarity Action Network (SANE)

Solidarity Playbook – a Collection of Best Practices

The Solidarity Action Network (SANE) brings together international civil society organisations (ICSOs) and their local partners to support each other when faced with undue threats to their operations. It enhances cooperative mechanisms for joint actions beyond public statements of solidarity to push back against clampdowns on civil society.

Solidarity Playbook – a Collection of Best Practices

We collect best practices and learnings on resilience and solidarity mechanisms developed by ICSOs and their CSO partners. We do this by capturing case studies and curating learnings and knowledge on organisational resilience mechanisms as well as coalition responses. We derive key findings and mechanisms out of this process. We take these steps to improve ICSOs’ and CSOs’ own preparedness to undue scrutiny and attacks.

Podcast with authors about the Case Studies

Background and Process

Written by Sarah Pugh and Deborah Doane, these case studies first appeared in an in-house study called “Solidarity in Times of Scrutiny” presented at the International Civic Forum in Addis Ababa in October 2019.

We sincerely thank our case study partners for making their learnings available to a larger readership.

The presented case studies reflect the status of when they were written in October 2019. Naturally, the political situation as well as the organisations’ and coalitions’ learnings have since evolved and are constantly evolving.

The intensity and frequency of attacks on international civil society organisations combined with a shared value to protect and help one another gave rise to the Solidarity Action Network.

Through consultation at our Innovator’s Forum and interviews with ICSO staff members, we discovered a desire to actively support each other in solidarity when an organisation from the community is under undue pressure.

Phase one July to October 2019: A team of consultants collected pilot cases on response mechanisms to undue attacks and on global and national-level response coalitions. The results were shared with ICSO and CSO representatives at the International Civic Forum (ICF) in Addis Ababa in October 2019. The case studies are available below for download.

Phase two November 2019 – March 2020: We explored all viable format options with help of consultants and decided on a final format. We set a Working Group consisting of ICSO and CSO representatives who give a strategical guidance and an Advisory Group for further input and feedback. We brought the Working Group together in a virtual meeting to set the overall framework of the project.

Phase three April 2020 – December 2020: We focus on collecting case studies and building a network to share best practices and develop new solidarity mechanisms.

If you want more information on this project or are interested in getting involved, please contact Project Manager, Eva Gondorová.