Solidarity Action Network (SANE) – Solidarity Playbook

Solidarity Action Network (SANE)

Solidarity Playbook – a Collection of Best Practices

The Solidarity Action Network (SANE) brings together international civil society organisations (ICSOs) and their local partners to support each other when faced with undue threats and challenges to their operations or civic space restrictions more broadly. It enhances cooperative mechanisms for joint actions beyond public statements of solidarity to push back against clampdowns on civil society.

The network holds two primary functions:

  • Collecting and sharing knowledge, experiences, and best practices to create a ‘Solidarity Playbook’ to help other civil society actors to respond to threats and challenges.
  • Enabling exchange of best practices and inspiring collaborative actions – mainly connecting development and humanitarian ICSOs with an operational or a partner presence on the ground and bringing them into discussions on challenges and opportunities related to civic space.

What SANE aims for

  • We capture case studies and best practices on organisational resilience mechanisms and coalition responses to civic space restrictions and changing operating conditions for civil society. We collect them in the so-called Solidarity Playbook.

Podcast with authors about the Case Studies

  • We exchange information, share lessons learned and existing mechanisms.
  • We identify common goals that move beyond sharing protective strategies. We encourage more joint actions, explore non-public forms of solidarity and design and test new solidarity mechanisms. These mechanisms for example include guidelines on crisis response mechanisms, access to legal support, communication expertise or diplomatic connections.
  • We aim to connect humanitarian/development organisations with human rights organisations, initiate cross-sector solidarity, and build possible bridges to other networks and initiatives.

Further cross-cutting elements include digital and narratives dimension of the network:

  • We explore digital dimensions of solidarity mechanisms as they form a tremendous potential as well as a significant shift in the nature of threats currently experienced around civic space restrictions (e.g. online surveillance, cyberattacks, restrictions on internet access, disinformation campaigns).
  • We further examine a narrative dimension and explore how ICSOs can move from reactive to proactive narratives and how they can develop positive narratives for themselves and the sector as a whole.

After strengthening exchange on best practices and supporting solidarity mechanisms at the global level, we will look at possibilities of connecting the initiative with the national (country) level to involve further ICSO partners in building resilient and solidary country coalitions.

If you want more information on this project or are interested in getting involved, please contact Project Manager, Eva Gondorová.