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International Civic Forum 2023: Anticipating futures – moving from scenarios to actions

  •  29th November 2023 - 30th November 2023
     10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Futures crafting often takes a strong focus on developing scenarios for possible futures but does not elaborate on how these scenarios can be put into practice. The ICF will address this gap and offer a unique opportunity to practically engage on future scenarios, experiment with methods to operationalise them, gain new skills, and exchange with peers. It will bring together 40 civil society experts (from ICSOs, CSOs, networks and philanthropy) to explore how to build up anticipatory capacities at the organisational and the sector level.

The ICF will take place in the framework of “Anticipating futures for civil society operating space”, a three-year initiative of the ICSCentre to strengthen anticipatory capacities and future readiness of civil society professionals who are working to defend civic and civil society operating space. The initiative was kicked off at the ICF 2022 and led into a collaborative scenario writing exercise “A history of civic space, 2024–2034” (ParEvo exercise) in the first half of 2023, addressing the sector’s appetite for collective foresight. Building on the ParEvo exercise, the ICF will focus on workshopping insights from the future scenarios for civic and civil society operating space developed through ParEvo and examining ways of translating them into strategies and practices.

This is a closed invitation-only event, for further information please contact Eva Gondor.