Discover: Innovation for civil society organisations in times of populism

18th November 2019 by Thomas Howie

Civil society organisations are innovators. They test new approaches to both traditional and emerging problems. One of today’s most pressing issues is the rise of populism, which can both erode and in some instances directly attack, these organisations’ legitimacy and impact. While civil society organisations have addressed these challenges, there is a significant opportunity for organisations to learn and benefit from the lessons others have encountered. That is the goal of this inaugural Innovation Report, titled: Civil Society Innovation and Populism in a Digital Era.

In this report, International Civil Society Centre partnered with JustLabs to highlight innovative, hopeful responses and solutions by civil society actors around the world, check out some of the case studies:

Hope-based Communications

New narratives for human rights

Shift Myanmar

WhatsApp for LGBT+ Rights


Visit our Innovation Website to find out more about the aims of the report and all the case study content:

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