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Webinar with Thomas Coombes: Hope based communications, an antidote to NGO apathy?

1st August 2019 by Thomas Coombes

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This webinar with Thomas Coombes, focusses on the power of Hope-Based Communications to change people’s minds and help International civil society organisations (ICSOs) set the communications agenda, rather than react to it.

This September, for the first time, International Civil Society Centre’s will convene Heads of Communications of ICSOs. At this meeting we will look at how hope-based communications can help ICSOs reach new audiences, we will also share what works and what doesn’t work regarding campaigns and look into solidarity messaging in times of crisis.

To get the ball rolling, we are offering a taster webinar of the kind of topics we will engage with to stimulate debate and collaborative action.

More about Hoped-Based Communications Hope is a pragmatic strategy, informed by history, communications experts, organisers neuroscience and cognitive linguistics. It can be applied to any strategy or campaign. By grounding your communications from the values you stand for and a vision of the world you want to see, hope-based communications is an antidote to debates that seem constantly framed to favour your opponents, so that you can design actions that set the agenda rather than constantly reacting to external events.

A hope-based communications strategy involves making five basic shifts in the way we talk about human rights.

Thomas Coombes

Communications Strategist

Hope-Based Communications

Thomas Coombes is a global communications strategist who has developed an approach to framing, called Hope-Based Communications to help organizations and movements develop new narratives for social change rooted in their values and vision. Before setting up Hope-Based Communications as an independent consultancy, Thomas was Head of Brand and Deputy Communications Director at human rights movement Amnesty International. Thomas has also worked in communications for business, government and civil society, including anti-corruption NGO Transparency International, the European Commission and PR firm Hill & Knowlton. From Ireland and France, Thomas is also a triathlete and blogs about world literature.