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    Announcement: As of 01 July 2019 ActionAid International is taking over the facilitation of the Civic Charter. Please read the full announcement here.


    Civic Charter is a global movement of people working together for democracy and human rights. The Civic Charter is a document which outlines the rights that all people have to participate, based off of laws and conventions that their governments have agreed to. Signing the Civic Charter is your way to join a transnational community of activists who support one another to build campaigns and take action when their rights are violated.

    If you believe that everyone should have the right to speak up for what they believe in, this movement is for you. Learn more about our campaigns and add your name to the Civic Charter at civiccharter.org.

    Follow the Civic Charter on Twitter @CivicCharter

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    Twice a year CEOs of leading ICSOs forge partnerships with key stakeholders from other sectors and align their own strategies to increase global impact.

    Last event: 4 April October 2019, New York, USA

    Invitation Only


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    Civil society and other sector leaders, innovators and activists from around the world come together once a year to discuss the most pressing global issues and devise strategies together.

    Last event: 31 October 2018 – 2 November 2018, Berlin, Germany. The 2018 edition of Global Perspectives (our 10th) was a dynamic and lively event about “Engaging a #NewGeneration”. See below for the Outcomes document, Photos and Videos

    Event focus: The impact of the #NewGeneration on civil society


    • Provide an understanding of how the new generation through different values and preferences pushes for change in the way CSOs work for a just and sustainable world.
    • Showcase innovative initiatives by and for young organisations as well as established CSOs aiming to explore new ways of unleashing the new generation’s potential.
    • Offer cross-sector networking by bringing together civil society leaders with other stakeholders to share ideas and develop initiatives.
    • Explore concrete steps so CSOs can adapt their organisations to better fit the new generation.