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Six takeaways for action from Global Perspectives 2021 – Let’s Talk About Power!

15th November 2021 by Vicky Tongue, Miriam Niehaus, Wolfgang Jamann

We have spent the last two weeks around the world – in Colombia, Kenya and Indonesia and online – talking about power in many different forms – from de-concentrating data and digitalisation, to decolonising aid and organisational structures, and embracing new power. Global Perspectives 2021 again gave the Centre’s communities the opportunity to immerse themselves in themes and workshops, discussing strategies to address key trends,

Digital Debate 1: The Digital Gender Gap

Civil Society Perspectives on the Emerging Digital World: the digital gender gap

Register now to guarentee your place in the Centre’s inaugural Digital Debate and engage with our three panelists as we address whether digitalisation is misogynist.

In all countries, CSOs are committed to the idea and principles of social and gender justice. Every person should have equal opportunities and the freedom to lead the life they want,

Digital Transformation: Why we need personal data accounts, similar to today’s personal bank accounts

21st August 2019 by Karl Steinacker

Karl Steinacker explains that in a society of rapid technological change personal data accounts should become the cornerstone of digital interactions, much like a personal bank accounts of today which have transformed beyond recognition in the last 40 years. The key, he argues to change is government legislation and, critically, civil society involvement.

As someone who has lived the transition from the analogue to the digital age,