Discover: Innovation for civil society organisations in times of populism

Civil society organisations are innovators. They test new approaches to both traditional and emerging problems. One of today’s most pressing issues is the rise of populism, which can both...

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  • Global Perspectives 2019
  • At Global Perspectives 2019 in Addis Ababa, participants looked at successful approaches, share successes and failures and devise new approaches, within three pillars: Changing Environment, Role of CSOs, the Unwritten Future
  • Innovators Forum 2019 - Reframing the narrative, responding to populist and nationalist agendas
  • In February 2019, we convened civil society innovators to explore the area of ‘reframing the narrative’
  • Global Perspectives 2018
  • Find out what happened at Global Perspectives 2018
  • Wolfgang Jamann - Leading the Centre into its next decade
  • Our new Executive Director, Wolfgang Jamann, will lead the International Civil Society Centre into its next decade...
  • Outcomes and challenges of the 2019 Innovators Forum
  • Co-creator Krizna Gomez from JustLabs and our Programme Director Åsa Månsson chat about the Innovators Forum.
  • Oxfam Deutschland CEO on why the Centre plays an important role in bringing civil society together
  • Marion Lieser explains why the Centre plays an important convening role
  • Global Perspectives 2016 - The Future of Civic Space: United in the Struggle for Civic Space
  • The SDGs provide a historic opportunity to drive transformational change. Successfully implementing these global...
  • Riding the Wave
  • "Riding the Wave" explores how ICSOs can prepare for disruptions and position themselves to benefit from change
  • Diversify, Adapt and Innovate
  • A summary of the Changing ISCOs' Business Model project report by the International Civil Society Centre
  • Be The Change
  • Confronted with disruptive change, ICSOs have to transform themselves.