Resources for Civil Society

This page provides up-to-date resources for civil society on urgent and important issues happening around the world.

Countering misinformation and disinformation

How to start a WhatsApp fact-checking podcast?

In 2019 Africa Check started “What’s Crap” on WhatsApp. They use the voice note feature, record and edit short audio notes, and distribute them via their broadcast lists. This has been a fun and accessible way for people to engage with their resources. They published a handbook on how everyone can do this.



Disinformation Toolkit

InterAction developed a Disinformation Toolkit that offers a baseline of definitions and different practices to guide organisations on how to address disinformation attacks based on 5 WHs: Who, what, when, where and why. The toolkit further lays out advantages and disadvantages of countering an online attack.



Learn to Discern: Media Literacy Trainer's Manual

This is a curriculum for educators in formal and informal education environments. It provides step-by-step guidance and interactive exercises for helping learners of all ages recognise why and how manipulative content works and gain skills to reject half-truths, clickbait, hate speech, and fakes.

Published by IREX


How to deal with disinformation attacks?

  1. Provide facts and be transparent.
  2. Talk about who you are and what you do, rather than argue what you are not.
  3. Develop a risk management strategy.
  4. Have your work rooted in the communities that you serve.
  5. Stand in solidarity with others that are targeted and provide support.

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  • ‘Faking the Powerful’ with deepfakes: with Bill Posters, Daniel Howe and Stephanie Lepp
  • Deepfakery is a series of critical conversations exploring the intersection of satire, art, human rights, misinformation

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  • IREX's Learn to Discern (L2D): Overview and Resources
  • This video provides an introduction to Learn to Discern (L2D), IREX’s approach to fighting disinformation through media

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  • What's Crap on WhatsApp?
  • The programme that debunks misinformation on WhatsApp.