Previous Projects


Previous Projects

Read more about our projects that have now concluded:

Riding the Wave explores how ICSOs can better prepare for potential disruptions and position themselves to benefit, rather than suffer, from change.

Diversify, Adapt and Innovate - Changing ICSO Business Models identifies what changes likely need to be made to existing ICSO business models to remain viable and identifies other business models that are likely to become much more widely adopted in our sector.

Be the Change explores the terms and conditions of culture change in our sector.

Partnership Principles highlights how partnerships between local, national and ICSOs are a powerful tool to achieve societal change.

Advancing the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda provides an overview of civil society perspectives and demands, and fosters dialogue to support efforts in the development of an inclusive and effective new framework that addresses the needs of both people and the environment.

Leading by Vision brings together senior managers and board members to test and develop their leadership skills while analysing their organisation’s need for change and charting a path towards transformational change.


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