Securing Civic Rights

After decades of expanding democracy and political engagement, there has been a reversal. Participation has been on the decline in the Global North as well as the Global South, in democracies as well as dictatorships. To defend civic space, everyone who values democracy must join forces.

Securing Civic Rights is a multi-layered and cross-sector approach to fight for civic rights, coordinated by the Centre in conjunction with CSOs, activists and key actors from other sectors.

The Civic Charter provides a global framework for people’s participation in shaping their societies. People and organisations can sign the document and use it as a basis for joint action. Based on universally accepted human rights, freedoms and principles, the Civic Charter serves as a reference point for those in struggle, as well as a tool for awareness-raising, advocacy and campaigns. It promotes solidarity among local, regional, national and global struggles in the defence of civic space.

Join the global struggle for our right to shape our societies and sign the Civic Charter here.

The International Civic Forum annually convenes 60-70 leaders from civil society, media, philanthropy, government and business at the forefront of protecting and advancing civic space around the globe. They meet face-to-face, build trust, and make strategic decisions to boost citizens’ participation worldwide.

New Spaces for Civic Participation aims at encouraging, identifying and supporting innovation in civic participation. The project will support individuals and organisations pursuing new approaches to civic participation, and will provide small amounts of funding to courageous innovators during their start-up phase.