Innovation Report 2022

2022 “Civil Society Innovation and Digital Power Shift’’

Our 2022 Innovation Report will look at how organisations in our sector have used inclusive innovation approaches to advance people-centred and nature-positive digitalisation, to either address system power imbalances or capitalise on emerging people power and technological capabilities. It will challenge our sector’s main current focus on digital technology as an internal operational enabler, and consider it instead as a major, ongoing, transformative social force.

In this context, it will highlight promising innovations by civil society organisations (CSOs) in delivering solutions for digital and data equity and inclusion, promoting progressive people-centred, nature-positive approaches and outcomes, and putting digital rights, ethical and sustainability values and norms into practice.

The Report will be centred around civil society innovations enabling digital equity and generating and managing ‘data lakes’ and filling missing data gaps. These innovations will also explore anticipatory dimensions to further evolve with rapidly emerging developments.

By showcasing exciting examples of these types of innovation, this Report will contribute to the fast-growing knowledge base supporting the future scale, impact and influence of CSOs in the use of digital technologies and their impact on our societies and the environment around us.

The report will share effective and inclusive innovation approaches, solutions and new ways of working which are helping to shift power in the digital ecosystem, and achieve more people-centred or nature-positive outcomes enabled by digital technology, by showcasing eight case studies from international and national CSOs around the world.

The report and podcast series will be released in the final quarter of 2022. An introductory video is available here.


Our innovation partner for this Report: TechSoup

Our innovation partner for this report is TechSoup, which equips changemakers with transformative technology solutions and skills they need to improve lives globally and locally. TechSoup’s Global Network of partners are all leading civil society organisations delivering impact at scale in 236 countries and territories worldwide, and managing a range of capacity building programmes in these countries. Together, they have connected more than 1.2 million organisations with the tools they need to improve lives.

Our co-operation partners for this Report

We would like to thank the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation and the Ford Foundation for their support for this Report.

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About our Innovation Reports

We believe one of our roles is to bring international civil society sector innovations into focus. There is a significant opportunity for organisations to benefit more from the lessons others have learned, or are in the process of addressing, particularly in the context of complex common external challenges. Our reports aim to support this.