Global Heads of Divisions

The Centre convenes international civil society organisation policy directors, heads of administration and heads of communications once a year for high-level strategic discussions covering global trends, best practice and opportunities for collaboration.

Next event: June 2020, Berlin, Germany

Event format and focus:

Three parallel meetings and joint plenary between policy directors, HR directors as well as communication directors. This is an opportunity for people in international civil society organisations to gain sector insights from specialist contributors, share information and create new processes to implement solutions.


Policy Directors Meeting Themes 2019:

  • Working on advocacy effectiveness and collaboration (taking into account observations from the Centre’s CEO retreat at Greentree earlier this year)
  • Using the digital space for mobilisation and inspiring action (a project within the World Economic Forum’s initiative on capacitating civil society for the 4th industrial revolution)


HR Directors Meeting Themes 2019:

  • Digital Workplace and Engagement in ICSOs
  • Organisational Values and Work Culture in ICSOs
  • Global Talent Management in ICSOs
  • Employer Branding and Value Proposition


Communications Directors Themes 2019:

  • Using value based communications to reach new audiences
  • Sharing what works and what doesn’t work in campaigns
  • Solidarity messaging in times of crisis