Global Heads of Divisions

The Centre convenes international civil society organisation policy directors, programme directors as well as chief operating officers, heads of administration and heads of communications once a year for high-level strategic discussions covering global trends, best practice and opportunities for collaboration.

Next event: 10 – 12 September 2019, Berlin, Germany

Event format and focus: Four parallel meetings and joint plenary between policy directors, programme directors, HR directors as well as communication directors. This is an opportunity for people in international civil society organisations to gain sector insights from specialist contributors, share information and create new processes to implement solutions.

Policy Directors Meeting Themes: Advocacy effectiveness and working in the digital space on mobilisation and inspiring action.

Programme Directors Meeting Themes: TBD, but likely to focus on unpacking of power and norms in safe-guarding, also a structured peer exchange on other issues of joint concern.

HR Directors Meeting Themes: Trends in people management. Attracting, retaining and developing talents in ICSOs. Learning from inter and intra sectoral exchange.

Communications Directors Themes: Using values-based communications to reach new audiences, sharing what works and what doesn’t work in campaigns and solidarity messaging in times of crisis.

For more information on each meeting please see the concept note