Blockchain for Social Good

International civil society organisations are well aware of the speed of technological innovation and its disruptive potential. One outcome of our Innovators Forum 2018 was t the beneficial potential of Blockchain for Social Good into focus.

To do this, the Centre and NetHope, in conjunction with Oxfam, Mercy Corps, the University of Edinburgh, and World Vision came together to explore potential benefits and collaboration. We held an event that brought together key experts from multiple sectors to explore this critical ecosystem-wide conversation. This included, a diverse cross-sector group of more than 40 blockchain thought leaders, designers, implementers, and program managers from across international civil society organisations, academia, the private sector— including big tech and start-ups— philanthropy, and multilateral and public sector organisations came together.

Last event: 19 – 20 March 2019, New York, USA

Event Focus: The Blockchain for Social Good Summit addressed the fact that there was still no common collaboration mechanism to facilitate information sharing and standards for using blockchain and distributed ledgers for social good.

Outcome: The group collectively explored the value proposition for blockchain for the civil society sector and set a direction to take forward principled collaboration and collective action. The positive feedback by participants indicates that the open nature of the discussions enabled the formation of an engaged cross-sector community.

As concrete next steps and to maintain the community momentum of the meeting, the Summit’s Steering Committee will diversify its membership and transition into a Design Committee for a collaborative model on utilising blockchain for the wider CSO sector, guided by the parameters from the meeting.