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Tools for inclusive futures workshop: Futures Frequency – A participatory workshop method for building alternative futures

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  • Tools for inclusive futures workshop: Futures Frequency - A participatory workshop method for building alternative futures
    8th September 2021
    2:30 pm - 5:00 pm

08 September | Event times in Central European Summer Time (CEST)


The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra’s ‘Futures Frequency’ is a workshop method for building alternative futures, intended to be used and applied by anyone. It can be run in 3 hours with groups of 8–20 people brand new to futures-oriented thinking. It inspires them to think about positive and preferred futures and how to act towards them, drawing on megatrends, weak signals and other anticipatory innovation methods for context and depth.

It can also be used online, with clear facilitation guidance, online presentations and a Miro workshop template.

This session will help you experience this method first hand, and also plan and facilitate a workshop which will enable you to work with groups across your organisations or networks in three stages to:

  1. Challenge their assumptions about the future
  2. Imagine preferred future visions
  3. Take action towards their preferred futures

Sitra has trained a cohort of international trainers on this methodology, and one of them, Lena Tünkers, has kindly offered to lead this session for members of the Scanning the Horizon community. Participants will become familiar with the method and also hear Lena’s key insights on how she has adapted the facilitation for the different audiences she has used the tool with.

Please note participation is limited to maximum 20 people


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This continues the series of Scanning the Horizon events to share practical and accessible tools for more inclusive and diverse conversations about the future, particularly open source methods which do not require significant specialist knowledge or skills to implement and, increasingly, virtual delivery options.


About our workshop lead

Lena Tünkers is an entrepreneur, process designer and facilitator, guided by the purpose of empowering people to cheerfully move towards the future. She has designed and executed a variety of innovation processes in the start-up scenes of Denmark, Kenya and Germany and applied the method Futures Literacy and Futures Frequency to the topics of education, collaboration, leadership and culture.

From her work with the UN, Spotify, HelloFresh and Hugo Boss, among others, Lena brings experiences in business model design, strategy as well as innovation development. She is a board member of Founders of Tomorrow and hosts the House of Beautiful Business in Copenhagen. Her motivation and curiosity sparks from the unknown and the ability to inspire people to imagine, rethink and act.