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Scanning the Horizon 2019 Annual Meeting: Strengthening future ICSO adaptive and collaborative capacity on the rise of China

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  • 11th June 2019 - 13th June 2019
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

The 2019 Scanning the Horizon meeting will provide exchange with peers and subject matter experts on how ICSOs can adapt to China’s influence as a major global player.

Concept Note

The key theme is how to strengthen the future anticipatory and adaptive capacity of ICSOs to better recognise, analyse and respond effectively – and collaboratively – to the impacts and manifestations of China’s development actions and diplomatic influence around the world.

ICSOs have generally not yet fully ‘caught up’ with how to change strategies and organisational capacities to maximise opportunities and manage risks resulting from China’s expanding global economic dominance, diplomatic activities and ambitions, increasingly assertive role in international relations, its security agenda, and leading position as a scientific and technological innovation ‘superpower’.

Individually and as a sector, there is significant desire and need to be better able to recognise, analyse and respond to the impacts and implications of China’s influence around the world, both in specific countries and more broadly in terms of institutions of global governance, normative frameworks and universal values. The future drivers and direction of global China’s agenda are difficult to predict, and many ICSOs are keen to understand how to better strategically position themselves to respond to this complex and uncertain outlook.

Bringing ICSO colleagues and key experts together will enable pooled knowledge of different insights and collective sense-making of what it might mean for the future work of individual organisations and the sector as a whole. This year, the ambition is to generate analysis which can be used by other stakeholders as a wider ‘sector good’.