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Power Shift 2021 – Hard Talk event

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  • Online
  • Hard Talk
    28th June 2021 - 29th June 2021
    1:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Meeting times in CEST.


The ‘Hard Talk’ will be conducted on 28 – 29 June 2021, virtually. It will include interactive sessions over two half days and will include invitations to critical friends to the sector. Participation will be by invitation only.

The first day will consist of dialogues between and with ICSOs, partner organisations and donors. Through a combination of format (mixed groups) we hope to broaden perspectives in what is expected from each other.

The second day will include the perspectives of ‘critical friends’ and try to break siloed discussion patterns. Through the lens of engaged and critical leaders in the power shift debates, a deeper understanding of the opportunities and limitations of chosen approaches will be sought.

On both days, ICSOs will have an opportunity to showcase (and put to the test) their most promising or successful steps, and reflect on barriers and limitations.



Attendees at the Hard Talk event will be (Deputy) CEOs and Senior Leaders in charge of governance, Board Members as well as leaders from Southern national or regional chapters. Each participating organisation will bring up to two participants who have participated in the Power Shift Mini-Lab in March 2021 and at least one peer from a partner organisation (beyond your organisation or federation) or implementing organisation. We also seek donor involvement and experiences from outside the sector.



The participation fee paid by the Power Shift Mini-Lab participants covers the participation in the Hard Talk event. Partner or implementing organisation representatives (beyond your organisation or federation) may attend at the invitation of the participating organisation and will not be charged.