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International Civic Forum

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  • London
  • 2nd November 2022 - 3rd November 2022
    9:00 am - 6:00 pm

đź“… 02-03 November 2022

đź“Ť London, United Kingdom

ICF 2022: Anticipating Futures for Civil Society Operating Space

To create an enabling environment for civil society, the civil society sector needs to develop more anticipatory and proactive mechanisms to complement its reactive responses to civic space restrictions and changing operating conditions. We are therefore embarking on a collaborative three-year initiative to strengthen anticipatory capacities and future readiness of civic space-focused civil society professionals, both in international and national civil society organisations (CSOs).

Download concept “Anticipating Futures”

The ICF 2022 will mark the kick-off of this initiative and will bring together civil society experts and strategists to jointly explore potential futures for civil society operating space. We will look at the complex future interlinkages between state responses to crises (such as climate crisis, terrorism/extremism, pandemic, etc.) and the enabling environment for CSOs. We will set the scene by sharing key insights from a mapping on crisis preparedness of CSOs, explore a possible future crises setting, and use it to discuss in detail intersections and implications.

This is a closed, invitation-only event.

For further information, please contact Eva Gondor.