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Innovators Forum 2019

  • 25th February 2019 - 26th February 2019
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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In 2019, the International Civil Society Centre’s Innovators Forum will convene a different audience of civil society innovators to explore the area of ‘reframing the narrative’ in response to challenges from the global rise of populist and nationalist political agendas. Building on the success and impact of the 2017 and 2018 Forums, the Centre invites you to join its third annual gathering of innovators on 25–26 February 2019 in Berlin. This is a proven collaborative format which brings together international civil society organisation (ICSO) peers and external topic experts on a different theme each year.

Content and outputs from this Forum will contribute to the International Civil Society Centre’s new ‘Innovation in Civil Society’ Annual Publication to be launched in October 2019 at the ‘Global Perspectives’ international conference, on the broader overall theme of ‘CSOs in times of populism and division in society’.

This forum will look at innovative approaches and messages under the following themes:

Renewing empathy/solidarity and stronger storytelling: empathy-based approaches might be less effective in an increasingly crowded messaging space based on self-interest; we want to explore initiatives which prove this wrong or tell compelling emotional stories of injustice in direct, powerful and engaging ways;

Conquering/championing complexity: oversimplistic messaging is everywhere around us and robust standards of ‘evidence’ no longer apply as much, we should not fall into the same trap. Introspection and self-reflection is also needed on an outdated framing which shows a growing disconnect from people’s realities and move away from effective citizen engagement. We want to explore initiatives which still communicate real-life complexity of the issues we work on in engaging and accessible ways, and show how strong evidence and data still have a relevant and important role to play if used in an effective way;

Non-nationalist narratives: messages based on narrow nationalist political and economic self-interest proliferate. We want to explore new narratives which effectively promote linked global/universal and local agendas or issues at the same time, or look beyond borders to the future, such as around megacities, city states, or local positive place-making;

Countering dis/misinformation: targeted and politically motivated and factually inaccurate information is being generated in deliberate campaigns to undermine and falsely discredit the motivations and missions of ICSOs in some countries. We want to explore innovative ways in which organisations are working individually or together to address this, and also how to ‘humanise’ the direct effects of these campaigns for people’s rights and wellbeing;

New forms of civic engagement and education: this could be one of the long-term solutions to address the effects of growing nationalist and populist self-interest. We want to explore cases of experimental engagement or other large-scale efforts of civic education which could work in delivering positive messaging or mobilisation, either with the masses or the committed few. We will also look at how technology-enabled volunteerism may also create opportunities in this space, e.g. in response to online ‘trolling’

Who is this event for?

This forum is aimed at international civil society and multi-lateral organisation professionals, including:

  • Heads of advocacy and/or communications,
  • Managers of public engagement and outreach,
  • Managers civic education programmes/projects,
  • Senior innovation experts and strategy leads

In addition, we are looking for cross-sector collaborators will including

  • Development, human rights and media-linked NGOs,
  • Publications and platforms,
  • Think tank or academic convenors working on nationalism or populism,
  • National CSO platforms working with their members on addressing these issues, and
  • Concerned donors or foundations interested in supporting others in this space.

Draft Agenda


The Event will take place at the Bosch Alumni Network




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  • Bosch Alumni Network
  • Linienstraße 65A, 10119, Berlin