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Global Governance Lab Webinar: Radical ownership – Fulfilling our promise to those we serve

  • 21st February 2019
    3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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How Pact is transforming the way it is governed to realize its vision of a world where everyone owns their future.

NGOs are perceived as disconnected from those they serve, perpetuating the power imbalances that exist in the development sector and the world at large. Our primary accountabilities are currently to our donors and not to those in the communities we serve. Pact is changing that by creating new governance structures to become an organization that is accountable to, and ultimately owned by, the communities it serves.

Kate Musimwa

Kate Musimwa is Pact’s senior regional director for southern and francophone Africa. Born in Zimbabwe, Kate has dedicated her life to control the HIV/AIDS epidemic in a wide range of leadership roles at local, regional, and global levels including at the Southern African AIDS Dissemination Service, the Zimbabwe AIDS Network, and RAPIDS, an HIV/AIDS consortium in Zambia. In her leadership role at Pact today, Kate oversees a portfolio of more than 80 projects in 14 countries. Kate studied Social Work at the University of Zimbabwe, and received a Master’s in Disaster and Risk Management from the University of Free State in South Africa.

Tim Staffa

Tim Staffa is Pact’s vice president for planning, quality and new initiatives. He has more than a decade of experience in the social sector, including in project implementation, business development, operations and leadership roles. Before joining Pact, Tim worked at PATH, a global health organization, and coordinated a public health outreach campaign funded by District of Columbia HIV/AIDS Administration. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and International Relations from American University and has completed executive education training at Harvard Business School.


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