Vision Works

17 - 19 April

Vision Works, the annual meeting of global Chairs and CEOs, provides a unique platform to discuss the sector's key strategic issues, threats and opportunities. The next meeting is going to take place on 17 - 19 April 2018.

First convened in 2008, Vision Works has established itself as the annual meeting of the global Chairs and CEOs of the world’s leading international civil society organisations (ICSOs). The meeting offers these leaders an opportunity to step out of the pressure of their positions and enter a process for defining their own visions for the organisations they lead.

The process of digitalisation is having an enormous influence on the new infrastructure of global society in the 21st century. Digitalisation is changing the playing field for all national and international actors and is forcing us to adapt quickly to new circumstances and to change the way we see our organisations. Against this backdrop, Vision Works2018 will address the following question: How can ICSOs advance their work for a just, equitable and sustainable world in the face of digitalisation?

The meeting will focus on a number specific aspects of the challenge linked to digitalisation:

    -Using digital assets to move our mission: How can we stop looking at digitalisation as an IT issue and make it a central part of our current and future work?

    -Data security: How to contribute to, and collaborate on, establishing sufficient data protection where needed? How can ICSOs protect beneficiaries and activists?

    -New spaces for civil society: How can technology be used to open up new spaces for democracy/people/civil society?

    -Inclusiveness: How do we ensure inclusiveness in digitalisation?

Contact: Kathrin Kirste, kkirste@icscentre.org

Conference Details

Conference Details

Vision Works

17 - 19 April 2018


Wiston House, Sussex, Great Britain