Vision Works 2017

26-27 April 2017

Vision Works, the annual meeting of global Chairs and CEOs, provides a unique platform to discuss the sector's key strategic issues, threats and opportunities. The next meeting is going to take place on 26 and 27 April 2017.

First convened in 2008, Vision Works has established itself as the annual meeting of the global Chairs and CEOs of the world’s leading international civil society organisations (ICSOs). The meeting offers these leaders an opportunity to step out of the pressure of their positions and enter a process for defining their own visions for the organisations they lead.

In 2016, several well established democracies were confronted with populist and authoritarian campaigns – and often proved much less resilient than expected: feelings prevailed over facts and demagogues over democrats. The notions of social justice, equitable societies and global solidarity are under serious threat. Against the backdrop of shrinking civic space, the 2017 Vision Works will address the following question: How can ICSOs advance their work for a just, equitable and sustainable world in the face of populism, authoritarian government and international cooperation in crisis? The meetings will focus on three specific aspects of this challenge: 1. Use the stated objective of the SDGs to “Leave No One Behind” to advance ICSOs’ goal of a just, equitable and sustainable world. 2. Review ICSOs’ role in the light of populism, authoritarian government and international cooperation in crisis. 3. In discussing points 1 and 2: specifically focus on innovative and transformative approaches rather than traditional ones.

Contact: Kathrin Kirste, kkirste@icscentre.org

Conference Details

Conference Details

Vision Works

26 – 27 April 2017


Greentree Foundation, New York, United States