Innovators Forum

Digital Futures / 27 – 28 February

The Forum

The International Civil Society Centre found that many CSO innovators hesitate to share their perspectives and experiences widely. Usually innovators are in the minority within their organisations and have to advance their projects of change very carefully in order to avoid triggering major resistance. on the other hand sharing experiences among innovators is a crucial success factor: innovations generally carry significant risks since they explore new ground where prior experiences are often lacking or scarce. Therefore, exchanging information and learning from others are of utmost importance in order to reduce risks and increase the chances of success. CSO innovators have expressed their interest in sharing their experiences with others who are working in similar ways. However, given the sensitivities of change processes, they don't want to do this in the public domain, which is why the first Innovators Forum were arranged in 2017.

Digital Futures

Building on the success and impact of the 2017 Innovators Forum the International Civil Society Centre invites for its second gathering of civil society innovators. Under the title Digital Futures the 2018 edition of the Forum will explore how civil society organisations (CSOs) can benefit from digital innovation and how they can navigate the pitfalls and disruption of digitalisation. The Forum will focus on two major innovations: Big Data & Blockchain Technology.


The Centre invites innovators from across the sector to come together for a 2-day meeting in Berlin to share their experiences and explore the way ahead. We are inviting people who are either formally employed to drive innovation in their organisations, or those who are in the process of running innovative projects.

Should you be interested in this event or have any queries, please don't hesitate to reach out to Mathias Henriksen, mhenriksen@icscentre.org

Conference Details

Conference Details

  • Save the date: 27-28 February 2018
  • Location: International Civil Society Centre, Berlin, Germany