Shared Services for ICSOs

Towards increased efficiency in ICSO administration / 21-22 November 2016

With this series of workshops for the Heads of Administration, Operations and Support Services of leading ICSOs, we established an outcome-oriented forum for exchange and collective initiatives on how ICSOs can increase the efficiency of their core operations and free up resources for innovation.

The aim of shared services and shared approaches in general is to reduce administrative costs, improve access to services, and share specialist skills to avoid unnecessary duplications. As ICSO operations are becoming more global and more complex, they increasingly struggle to meet service levels without costly investments. At the same time, external pressures to reduce administrative costs and achieve economies of scale is increasing – e.g. through donors or virtual CSOs who can deliver at lower overhead costs.

After their first three meetings in Geneva, Berlin and London in 2015 and early 2016, the Admin Directors met for the fourth time at the premises of the IFRC in Geneva on 21 and 22 November 2016. The meeting focused on shared service centres and shared office space.

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