Managing Disruption Innovation Lab

Learning, inspiration & encouragement for change makers / 29 - 30 August

The Lab

The innovation lab Managing Disruption helps CSOs to successfully pursue their missions by establishing skills that spot, embrace, and manage disruption. Participants will receive inspiring input based on the Centre’s extensive work on the future of CSOs:

As a participant, you will explore causes of disruption and develop strategies and tools to:

1. Prepare your organisation for disruption

Here you will kick-start the development of a new resilience strategy for your organisation, strengthening its strategic foresight, adaptability, innovation, and risk management.

2. Manage transformative change

Here you will develop a concrete plan to implement your organisation’s resilience strategy, gaining new tools for conducting transformative change.

The learning process will be conducted in a dynamic manner, allowing you to apply your insights to specific situations you face within your organisation.


The lab is open to aspiring and experienced CSO changemakers, addressing middle and senior managers. The maximum number of participants is 25.