Innovative Operations for ICSOs

Increasing impact through technology and cooperation / 16 - 18 May, 2018

With this series of workshops for the Heads of Administration, Operations and Support Services of leading ICSOs, we established an outcome-oriented forum for exchange and collective initiatives on how ICSOs can increase the efficiency of their core operations and free up resources for innovation.

The aim of Innovative Operations for ICSOs is to explore innovative trends and technologies for ICSO operations, increasing their impact for a more equitable and sustainable world. We support leaders in operations to look at concrete examples of innovation and new technologies in ICSO operations, share best practice and discuss opportunities for joint testing and implementation.

The first meeting of this series will take place in Berlin, 16 -18 May 2017.

Global Heads of Division: This meeting for Heads of Operations will take place at the same time and venue as the Centre's Policy Directors Meeting and Programme Directors Meeting - we call this series Global Heads of Division. In addition to the meeting exclusively for directors of internal operations, there will be a couple of joint sessions to provide participants with the optimal networking opportunities and to streamline ICSO work across all three modes of operations.

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Conference Details

Conference Details

  • Save the Date: 16 - 18May 2018
  • Agenda to follow soon