Riding the Wave
© Silvano Gilardoni

Riding the Wave

Change has always happened – and international civil society organisations (ICSOs) have often brought about significant change. But over the last 20 years change itself has changed: it has become faster, more fundamental and more surprising. When these three elements come together, we experience disruption.

To date, there have not yet been major examples of disruption among ICSOs. However, clear signs are emerging that disruption has started affecting our sector, including – and possibly quite prominently – ICSOs. This development first appears to be threatening but it also holds enormous opportunities, which may allow ICSOs to go far beyond running projects and to become more influential actors.

The International Civil Society Centre has invited experts and leaders from our sector to explore the sources of disruptive change and make suggestions as to how ICSOs can manage change and turn potential threats into opportunities.

Riding the Wave explores how ICSOs can better prepare for potential disruptions and position themselves to benefit, rather than suffer, from change.

The project was kindly supported by The Rockefeller Foundation and the Robert Bosch Foundation.

Riding the Wave was officially launched at the International Civil Society Centre’s conference Global Perspectives on 13-15 November 2013. Please download the full report here.




Rockefeller Foundation
Robert Bosch Stiftung