Culture of Change

Culture of Change

Be the Change explores the terms and conditions of culture change in our sector, we are very happy to share the results of this project with you!

The result is the project report Be the Change to be downloaded here and on the upper left in the download section.

The corresponding videos visualise the results of the report. We would again like to thank everyone that contributed to the project and the report!

Be the Change was officially launched at the International Civil Society Centre’s conference Global Perspectives on 04 – 06 November 2015.


In 2013, the Centre’s Disruptive Change project showed that ICSOs are increasingly facing disruption of their existing business models. Building on these findings, the 2014 New ICSO Business Models project explored the shape and scope of potential new business models.

However, becoming better able to adapt to changes in the outside world and introducing new business models will not be possible without major changes in ICSOs’ organisational culture. This project aims to identify the main features of a more entrepreneurial, agile and adaptable organisational culture and design a path for ICSOs’ culture change.


The Centre will bring together a group of leaders and experts to explore this strategic factor for the future of ICSOs. Through telephone conferences, online discussions and a face-to-face meeting at the Rockfeller Foundation’s Bellagio Centre in Italy they will develop an outline of a culture that embraces change and identify concrete steps towards establishing such a culture in ICSOs.

The results were distributed through the Centre’s workshops and conferences such as Global Perspectives, a conference of over 100 CEOs of leading CSOs and the Managing Disruption Innovation Lab, a workshop for 20-30 practitioners.