Leadership Support

The Centre offers leadership support to international civil society organisations (ICSOs) and key national CSOs. Our different conferences, workshops and meetings provide platforms for exchange, peer learning, solutions to challenges and more strategic partnerships.

The aim is to not only strengthen the leadership of each organisation we support, but the sector as a whole. Against this background, the Centre also offers strategy consulting to leaders of ICSOs.


Leadership Events


Global Perspectives

Global Perspectives is an annual conference that provides a platform for more then 100 leaders from ICSOs as well as high-level representatives from politics, the corporate sector, and academia to address some of the world's pressing challenges, opportunities and trends that affect ICSOs.

The next conference will be held 1 – 3 November in Mexico.

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Vision Works

Vision Works offers the global Chairs and CEOs of the world's leading ICSOs an opportunity to step out of the pressure of their everyday work and discuss the future of the sector. Together with peers and renowned experts, these leaders discuss the key strategic challenges and opportunities that the civil society sector faces.

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Global Peers

Global Peers is a bi-annual meeting brings together the CEOs of the world's leading ICSOs with key stakeholders from international organisations, major foundations and other thought leaders to discuss some of the most pressing policy issues and strategically align their efforts for a more equitable world.

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Global Heads of Division

Following the demand to bring together the different ICSOs not only at CEO-level, but also at Director-level, the Centre established a new series of Directors’ Meetings: an Administration Directors’ Meeting focusing on the potential of shared services for a more effective administration; the Policy Directors’ Meeting focusing on external trends affecting ICSO’s political work and advocacy strategies; and the Communication Directors’ Meeting, focusing on how to best use new technology to increase mobilisation effectiveness.

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Past Events


Leading by Vision

Leading by Vision replaced the Senior Leaders Week and aimed to remind the sector’s leaders of “the treasure we have in our hands” and to encourage and enable them to lead their organisations by vision. Leading by Vision was run as a laboratory, including a project strand. Sessions were shaped predominantly by participants who were supported on their leadership journey by seasoned leaders and leadership experts.

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Meeting of German CEOs

This meeting served as a platform to address the future of ICSOs at the national level. The meetings concluded in 2014.

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