Global Heads of Divison

Global Heads of Divison

In a series of meetings, the Centre brings together Global Heads of Divisions of ICSOs. The aim of these meetings is to build a community by exchanging information, learning from each other and synchronising efforts in their specific fields of work.

Policy Directors’ Meetings are running since 2014 and aim to convene Policy Directors of ICSOs regularly to analyse current global developments influencing the work of ICSOs and discuss ways to align their strategies in order to achieve a more equitable and sustainable world.

The Heads of Administration meet regularly in our Shared Services for ICSOs workshops to exchange best practise in their areas of work and explore the potential for shared services among ICSOs. This meeting is running regularly since early 2015.

A Communication Directors’ Meeting took place in May 2015, focussing on how to best use new technology to increase mobilisation effectiveness.

Future meeting dates are:

08-09 March, Policy Directors' Meeting