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Disrupt&Innovate is a discussion platform for the civil society sector that takes its starting point in the book The Hedgehog and the Beetle – Disruption & Innovation in the Civil Society Sector, written by the Centre’s Executive Director Burkhard Gnärig.


With the aim to intensify and broaden the discussion on the future of CSOs, and to encourage concrete change within them, the Centre has created a space where civil society professionals and activists can start discussions, share experiences, and develop new ideas.

The overarching goal is that users can take their learnings back to their organisations to support them on their journeys of transformative change.

The project aims to foster a culture for learning, promote good practices, and build a community for change committed to driving the sector’s transformation.


This discussion platform

1. features a weekly blog, written by the Centre’s Executive Director or CSO leaders and changemakers;
2. features the entire The Hedgehog and the Beetle book online, with the ability for readers to comment on and discuss each section;
3. provides an overview of the key topics discussed in the blog and book, allowing users to find other materials on each key topic.

Guest bloggers

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The Hedgehog and the Beetle
Released: 21 April 2015
Order on Lulu.com as an e-book or a paperback.

For more information contact Alexia Skok, Communications and Fundraising Officer, askok@icscentre.org