Call for Applications: Strategic Research Consultant

29th June 2022 by Elizabeth Parsons

The Centre is looking for a strategic research consultant to conduct a mapping and support event content preparations during the initial phase of its new initiative “Anticipating Futures for Civil Society Operating Space”. The initiative’s overall aim is to strengthen anticipatory capacities and future readiness of civic space-focused professionals in international and national civil society organisations.

The Centre is commissioning a consultant to:

  1. Draw out the potential connections between how governments frame and respond to crises, including complex, uncertain future events like climate disruptions, and the implications for civil society action and operating space. 
  2. Explore how states have pivoted to security framings in crises, the impact this has had on civic space and operating conditions, and the signals CSOs should increasingly become aware of. 
  3. Explore emergent opportunities for civil society from previous crises – such as COVID-19 – which served to change or influence state perceptions, narratives and framings of civil society.  
  4. Outline previous and current work in the field on “civic space futures” (e.g. International Center for Not-for-Profit Law’s (ICNL) Civic Space 2040 initiative of 2020).
  5. Identify gaps that require collective sector approaches and initiatives.  
  6. Prepare the results of this mapping in writing (report of ca. 15 pages) or as a visualisation/map.

    Find the full tender and how to apply here

    The Centre invites qualified individuals, pairs or small teams to submit a proposal for the requested services. The application needs to be submitted by 15 July 2022.

    If you meet the selection criteria, please submit your application to Eva Gondorová and Miriam Niehaus including:

    1. Cover letter (no more than 3 pages), including:
    • A brief description of your experience and expertise in the field that illustrates your overall qualifications and capabilities for this scope of work, including two examples of your previous comparable work;
    • A brief description of your understanding of the scope of services and proposed methodology for the work;
    • Your consultancy rate (amount in EUR/day) and amount of working days.

      2. Your CV.

        3. Two references that can be contacted should you be shortlisted.

        Communications Manager

        International Civil Society Centre