Call for Applications: Research Consultant

23rd June 2021 by Adriana Sahagún Martínez

The International Civil Society Centre  is commissioning a scoping study to analyse operating conditions of international civil society organisations (ICSOs) and local civil society organisations (CSOs) in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPT) and to examine what effects these conditions have on local communities receiving humanitarian and development assistance. The results of the study will be open for use for advocacy work of interested ICSOs, CSOs and networks. Additionally, it may inform activities of the Solidarity Action Network (SANE) at the local level with a focus on solidarity mechanisms beyond public advocacy.  

In 2011, the Association of International Development Agencies (AIDA) – an umbrella association of over 80 international development organisations operating in the oPT – conducted a survey among its members and published a report showing the impact that access restrictions had on the quality, reach and sustainability of the delivered humanitarian and development programmes. 

A new research is needed to capture representative data on the current environment in the oPT in order to develop effective data-driven policy advocacy and explore possible solidarity mechanisms. 

For this purpose, the Centre is commissioning a consultant to:

  • Capture recent and compelling data on if and how actions from external entities have impacted ICSOs, local CSOs and UN agencies operational in the oPT in terms of finances and funding, programming, recruitment and movement and other essential aspects of humanitarian/development programming. 
  • Capture recent and compelling data on if and how actions from external entities towards ICSOs, CSOs and UN agencies operational in the oPT have increased or decreased in the past several years and in what form. 
  • Capture – as far as possible – qualitative data on the overall impact of the ability of ICSOs and CSOs to function according to their mandate as a result of actions from external entities. 
  • Provide top-line analysis of the data, set in current context, in terms of the impact on non-governmental humanitarian/development objectives in the oPT overall. 
  • Provide compelling but fully anonymised analysis for ICSOs, CSOs and other organisations to use publicly – in media reports and with other external stakeholders – to illustrate the wider operational context. 
  • Outline different solidarity mechanisms beyond public advocacy that could support ICSOs and CSOs operating in the oPT. 

Find the full tender and how to apply here

The Centre invites qualified individuals to submit a proposal for the requested services. The application needs to be submitted by 9 July 2021. Interviews with shortlisted candidates will likely take place on 14 or 15 July.

If you meet the selection criteria, please submit your application to Eva Gondorová including:

  1. Narrative proposal (no more than 3 pages), including: 
    • A brief description of your experience and expertise in the field that illustrates your overall qualifications and capabilities, including examples of related work;   
    • A brief description of your understanding of the scope of services and proposed methodology for the work;  
    • Your consultancy rate 
    • An outline of how many working days you expect to need for the preparation phase and data collection & analysis phase. We expect the overall consultancy to encompass no more than 15-20 working days;  
  2. Your CV, 
  3. Two references that can be contacted should you be shortlisted.

Proposal Submission: Proposals, including any attachments, should be sent electronically in PDF format to:, indicating in the subject line: “Research consultant”.

Communications Manager

International Civil Society Centre