Call for Applications, Project Consultant Tender

28th April 2021 by Elizabeth Parsons

The International Civil Society Centre is looking for a project consultant to support the Making Voices Heard and Count project.

Specifically, we need a consultant to help us prepare a series of short publications focussing on insights, learnings and personal stories from the work of our partners with marginalised communities. The publication series is to be disseminated via the partnership’s website and the Global SDG Knowledge Hub, addressing the international SDG and development community.

Making Voices Heard and Count is a collaborative project of the Leave No One Behind partnership, which is hosted by the Centre. It brings together international and national civil society organisations (CSOs), civic networks and platforms with the ambition to bring about a scalable solution for filling data gaps on marginalised groups in the monitoring and review of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Thereby, the project aims to make a key contribution towards fulfilling the Agenda 2030’s universal pledge to leave no one behind. The project fosters an inclusive model of SDG monitoring, supporting the collection, analysis and dissemination of community-driven data and giving a stage to data produced by the local target groups themselves – helping to make their voices heard and count.

In our follow-up project, running over the coming years, the ambition is to reach 100.000 people in up to eight countries, demonstrating through our inclusive approach that there is a scalable and widely applicable solution to fulfil the promise to ‘leave no one behind’ in SDG implementation.

For this purpose, the Centre is commissioning a consultant to:

  • Attend a virtual evaluation workshop that the partnership arranges on 19 May between 10.30-13.30h UTC;
  • Assess country reports to extract knowledge around specific learning questions;
  • Conduct interviews with the partnership’s country teams and global experts to extract further knowledge, where needed;
  • Develop a concept for publishing the above-mentioned article series, including:
    • Contextualisation: identify key themes, case studies, impact stories and/or personal stories. Balance between country / topic focus and cross-country knowledge.
    • Visualisation: make use of visual elements (e.g. graphs, illustrations, pictures, etc.) throughout the publications.
  • Write a series of articles of up to 1,000 words each (number of articles to be agreed with contractor);
  • Work in close collaboration with the global partnership coordinator.

Find the full tender and how to apply here

The Centre invites qualified individuals or organisations (“Offerors”) to submit a proposal for the requested services. The application needs to be submitted by 9 May 2021. Interviews of finalists will take place between 12 and 14 May.

If you meet the selection criteria, please submit your application to Peter Koblowsky including:

1. Proposal Narrative, no more than 3 pages, including:

  • A brief description of the Offeror’s experience and expertise in the field that illustrates overall qualifications and capabilities. 
  • A brief description of the Offeror’s understanding of the scope of services and proposed methodology for the work.

2. Resume or CV of individual or principals, in the case of a consulting firm

3. List of Past and Current Clients

4. Cost Requirements 

The Offeror should include a detailed budget, which at a minimum includes the daily rate and level of effort for each person who will work on the services described above. All budgets must be in Euros (EUR). Please note that we expect the consultancy to encompass no more than 13 working days

5. Proposal Submission: Proposals, including any attachments, should be sent electronically in PDF format to: Be sure to include in the subject line: “Call for tenders – Making Voices Heard and Count

Communications Manager

International Civil Society Centre