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Shifting power in international civil society organisations

26th March 2020 by Thomas Howie

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“Power Shift” within international civil society organisations (ICSOs) is topic of growing importance. Who has power? Who can exercise it? How does it work?

In conversation, Ed Boswell, Co-Founder and CEO at Conner Advisory and Wolfgang Jamann, Executive Director of the International Civil Society Centre look at power concerning ICSOs’ governance.

The two recently led our “Power Shift Lab” on the subject of PowerShift in ICSOs. The lab invited leaders from ICSOs organisations to analyse power dynamics and factors furthering or hindering the shifting of power within their organisations.

Producer: Julia Pazos


International Civil Society Centre website – www.icscentre.org

Our work on Power Shift and Governance Reform – https://icscentre.org/our-work/global-governance-lab/

Wolfgang Jamann blog, “Power, Governance and Intent in Civil Society Organisations” – https://icscentre.org/2020/01/15/power-governance-and-intent-in-civil-society-organisations/

Ed Boswell blog, “Power is the energy that flows; governance is the conduit through which it moves.” – https://icscentre.org/2018/11/27/power-is-the-energy-that-flows-governance-is-the-conduit-through-which-it-moves/

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