COVID-19 Resources for Civil Society

30th March 2020 by Thomas Howie

This page is part of a series of COVID-19 resource pages that we are creating frequently to help civil society actors.

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On this page, you will find links to readings, podcasts and videos related to the latest Coronavirus news and analysis. This selection is based on what the International Civil Society Centre and its staff find useful. If you have a recommendation or a suggestion, let us know.

There are three sections to this page:

Staying up-to-date: Links to sites that will keep you abreast of important developments related to our sector and the wider context

Strategic Analysis: We look at the impact and responses to Coronavirus in a general and intersectional way (i.e. impacts on human rights, climate change etc).

Operational and Leadership: A list of what your organisation can do now to navigate these unprecedented times

    1. Staying up-to-Date

    2. Strategic Analysis

    Coronavirus Pandemic-Specific – Response Scenarios and Economic Impacts

    General Analysis

    Intersectional Analysis

    Biodiversity and Climate Change
    Cities and Urbanisation
    • Coronavirus threat looms large for low-income cities (International Institute for Environment and Development).
      Weak infrastructure and lack of basic services mean urban settlements in low-income countries are highly vulnerable, and handwashing and isolation responses to the virus are not possible.
      Civic Space and Human Rights
      Data and Digital
      Gender Equality
      Global China
      • How Will COVID-19 Impact China’s Belt & Road Initiative? (The China Africa Project) – Podcast.
        COVID-19 is the single greatest challenge to China’s Belt and Road Initiative since its launch in 2013, as its interconnectedness once widely regarded as a huge opportunity is might now be seen as the potentially dangerous liability of dependence on China.
      • Is China a Safe Haven? (Matthews Asia).
        China may become the global economic and financial haven, as consumer demand is healthy (buffered by deep household savings) and it has domestic COVID-19 infections under control.
      Multilateralism and international cooperation
      Populism and Authoritarianism

          3. Operational and Leadership Advice

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                Communications Manager

                International Civil Society Centre

                Shifting power in international civil society organisations

                26th March 2020 by Thomas Howie

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                “Power Shift” within international civil society organisations (ICSOs) is topic of growing importance. Who has power? Who can exercise it? How does it work?

                In conversation, Ed Boswell, Co-Founder and CEO at Conner Advisory and Wolfgang Jamann, Executive Director of the International Civil Society Centre look at power concerning ICSOs’ governance.

                The two recently led our “Power Shift Lab” on the subject of PowerShift in ICSOs. The lab invited leaders from ICSOs organisations to analyse power dynamics and factors furthering or hindering the shifting of power within their organisations.

                Producer: Julia Pazos


                International Civil Society Centre website –

                Our work on Power Shift and Governance Reform –

                Wolfgang Jamann blog, “Power, Governance and Intent in Civil Society Organisations” –

                Ed Boswell blog, “Power is the energy that flows; governance is the conduit through which it moves.” –


                Communications Manager

                International Civil Society Centre

                Centre events and the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) (last update: 2 April 2020)

                12th March 2020 by Thomas Howie

                The International Civil Society Centre is carefully watching the situation linked to the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

                As event organisers, we have a duty of care for all participants attending our events and to take measures to ensure a safe environment. We wish to reduce the risk of spreading the disease.

                Therefore, we have decided that all planned meetings will take place virtually for the forseeable. This impacts two forthcoming events:

                We are working hard to adjust our planning. Project managers will communicate with participants on how this will work.

                Events after mid-April: we will continue to monitor the situation and inform participants at the latest one month ahead of each meeting about any necessary changes.

                If you have any questions concerning our events, please don’t hesitate to contact Ryan Stanton (

                Useful links:

                Communications Manager

                International Civil Society Centre

                Business Sector Insights from Foresight – Axa Insurance

                5th March 2020 by Thomas Howie

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                Mini Series – Episode 1: Exploring the Interconnectedness of Global Trends

                Cécile Wendling, Group Head of Security Strategy, Threat Anticipation and Research at Axa shares her insights about Axa’s foresight work. Find out about its importance to their work and their “Foresight Trendbook”

                Producer: Julia Pazos


                International Civil Society Centre website –
                Scanning the Horizon
                axa Foresight Trendbook 2019

                Communications Manager

                International Civil Society Centre